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Questionnaire: Is it Lust or Love?

By: Sarah O'Hara BA (hons) - Updated: 14 Oct 2012 | comments*Discuss
Questionnaire: Is It Lust Or Love?

Is you relationship built on lust or true love? Answer these questions to find out.

Your partner knits you an ill-fitting and pretty ugly jumper for Christmas. How do you feel?

  • a. Distinctly unimpressed. Now where’s the real present?
  • b. You think it’s sweet but slightly embarrassing.
  • c. You love it and will treasure it always.

What do you like best about your partner?

  • a. Their looks – they are seriously hot!
  • b. Personality – they’re really nice to get along with
  • c. Everything about them is just right – looks and personality

After an argument do you feel?

  • a.Excited to make up!
  • b. Annoyed
  • c. Upset to have argued with your partner and keen to sort things out and apologise

What do you do on most dates?

  • a. Snog mostly.
  • b. Talk mostly.
  • c. Every date is different. I just love spending time with them.

Can you see yourself settling down with your partner?

  • a. That sounds dull zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  • b. Maybe, I don’t know
  • c. Yes, I hope that we stay together for as long as possible

Your partner has a bad cold and is ill in bed. Do you:

  • a. Promise to go round as soon as they feel well again. You don’t want to catch anything!
  • b. Send flowers and a get well card. You do feel sorry for them.
  • c. Bring them soup and DVDs and snuggle up with them until they feel better.

Have you introduced your partner to friends and family?

  • a. No, I like to keep things separate
  • b. They’ve met a few friends when we’ve bumped into them
  • c. They’ve met everyone I care about

Your partner has gained quite a lot of weight. Are you:

  • a. Totally put off them
  • b. Not bothered
  • c. Still as attracted to them as ever but concerned for their health

Your Results

You answered:

Mostly As

It’s probably lust. You are driven by animal instincts and interested in having fun in the here and now. But hey! As long as you’re both happy there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Not every relationship has to be a major love affair.

Make sure you’re not being defensive and closing yourself off to the possibility of love though. Love and lust can co-exist you know!

Mostly Bs

It doesn’t sound like you’re in lust or love. Are you even awake at all?! Consider what you’re getting from this relationship and if it’s making you and/or your partner happy.

It’s easy for relationships to become stale if we don’t nurture them. Perhaps you could consider making an effort to spice things up a bit and inject a little more romance into things.

Mostly Cs

You’re in luuurve! Congratulations. There’s still some lust going on (which is good!) but for the most part you’re driven by heartfelt love. Usually in a relationship lust diminishes to a certain extent over time and true love is what keeps a partnership going.

Whilst cherishing your love, do everything you can to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Make time for each other – the best relationships are a balance of romance and passion.

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